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Ladysmith Christian Church Endowment Fund

The First Church of Christ in Ladysmith was the beneficiary of an estate.  The donor gave us some suggestions for future use of the funds.  We used the Rusk County Community Foundation as a place to invest and hold the funds for future use.  The First Church of Christ has a team that manages the finances, and that team established the guidelines for our fund. We had heard of the foundation through the community, and also through another RCCF donor who was involved with the Foundation. That gave us the confidence to invest through the Foundation.

The purpose of this fund is to further carry out the mission of our church.  Specifically, the donor suggested our cemetery, youth, worship, and scholarships as areas to focus on. While the fund doesn’t have specific annual objectives, it allows members to submit an application stating their request and how it would be used in the church or the community.  We allow up to $5K of the principal and any yearly earnings as the maximum amount that can be allotted per calendar year. We have made two donations to the Power House in Ladysmith, funded some Sunday School furniture purchases, and donated towards a sound system upgrade in our church.

We truly appreciate this fund and the people who manage it.  It provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to the needs of our county, and to have it professionally invested and managed.

Since this is an Agency Endowment Fund, donations must be made through Ladysmith Christian Church.


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