The Rusk County Community Foundation (RCCF) has long been a fixture in Rusk County celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2022. Our 35 Funds have issued over $600,000 in grants during that time. In 2023, RCCF merged with the Eau
Claire Community Foundation (ECCF) to leverage the combined expertise, energy, and relationships as an affiliate. The new affiliation between ECCF and RCCF will allow both Foundations to serve their communities even better by pooling logistical and financial resources.

As partners with ECCF, donors have the same charitable opportunities and flexibility to donate toward special projects or areas of interest. They may also direct their gifts to where community needs are greatest, as identified from time to time by the RCCF Board of Directors. We are here to support nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and other charitable causes in the county. Together we grow. 

RCCF’s Mission is to improve the quality of life in Rusk County through permanent endowments and grant giving.

GIVE 365 Grants over $7,500!

This year, GIVE 365 granted over $7,500 to Rusk County nonprofits!  Give 365 is a community effort to bring donors together to give to causes that matter! It allows area residents to leverage their charitable contributions with others to support innovative projects by area non-profits.  

Donors give $365 (a dollar a day) to make Rusk County better. It’s a great way for people to magnify the impact of their gifts both now—through the annual GIVE 365 grants—and forever through the GIVE 365 Rusk Endowment Fund.  The endowment ensures that GIVE 365 grants will be available for years to come.

Your membership to GIVE 365 Rusk supports:

  • 60% to your favorite initiatives to improve the quality of life in Rusk County.
  • 30% is invested in the GIVE 365 Rusk Endowment Fund to benefit nonprofits forever.
  • 10% of your gift supports the annual free event where the entire community is invited to attend and learn more about the grant-funded initiatives.

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