Enriching Our Communities Forever

Dukerschein Scholarship for Flambeau School

We are lifelong residents of Glen Flora and graduated from the School District of Flambeau in 1973. From 1974-2018, we owned and operated Artisans, Inc., our second-generation screen print/embroidery and apparel manufacturing family business. Throughout our lives, we have tried to give back our community by supporting causes that align with our personal values.

What compelled you to start this fund:
We were always grateful for the educational start that we and our three children got at Flambeau. We wanted to turn that appreciation into tangible help for one or two graduating seniors. We established this fund in 2009, and the amount we can grant each year continues to grow, thanks to the sound investment practices of RCCF.

Each year, the scholarship committee at the school considers scholarship applications from students who have a GPA of 3.0 or above who plan to attend a minimum two-year program. Priority goes to students who participate in extra-curricular events above and beyond sports and those who give back to their community in ways that exceed what the school requires to graduate. We have asked the committee to place high value on a well-written essay that explains how the student demonstrates leadership, citizenship and community service qualities.

Criteria for this Scholarship:

  • Complete the school’s scholarship application.
  • GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Attend a minimum two year program.
  • Write an essay that demonstrates leadership,
  • citizenship, and community service qualities.
  • Demonstrate academic promise and scholastic ability.
  •  Proof of enrollment of full-time student status the first semester of the student’s sophomore year is required.