Enriching Our Communities Forever

Nonprofit Community Foundation Organized in Rusk County

An anonymous donor with ties to Rusk County has taken steps to assist in the development of the Rusk County Community Foundation (RCCF), a permanent, non-profit, public charity organized to promote charitable, educational, scientific, recreational, and literary endeavors in Rusk County.

Pursuant to a challenge grant, the anonymous donor will immediately contribute fifty cents for every dollar raised by the Rusk County Community Foundation. If the Foundation raises $50,000 (for which the donor will match an additional $25,000) by August of 2008, the donor will release an additional $25,000 for immediate grant to organizations within the Rusk County community, and will provide another challenge grant for substantial additional permanent funds.

The anonymous donor has ties to the Whitley County Community Foundation in Indiana and has arranged for Whitley County to partner with the newfound Rusk County Community Foundation. As a community foundation, RCCF will offer estate-planning mechanisms for creating permanent endowments such as named funds from which donors may advise grants or designate a field of interest. From these funds grants will be awarded within the Rusk county community. The RCCF board will publish guidelines and procedures for applying for grants later this fall.

The Rusk County Community Foundation Board Members are: Lori Stushek, Kevin Smith, Andy Albarado, Dinah Hahn, Carolyn Snyder, Lori Larsen, Shari Kavenagh, Gloria McGahey, Bev Dukerschein, Eleanor Anderson, Dennis R. Van Wey, and Kathy Pakes.

For more information contact the RCCF.