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School District of Ladysmith Scholarship Fund

The School District of Ladysmith Scholarship is a fund of the Rusk County Community Foundation, an affiliate fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation.

The purpose of this Fund is to provide scholarships for graduating seniors who have attended Ladysmith High School as full-time students for two consecutive years and plan on attending post-secondary education.

The School District of Ladysmith Scholarship Fund had its origin in the early 1980’s under the direction of both, then principal Edward Falstad and guidance counselor Robert Kolsky. The Needle Craft Corporation, a division of Quaker Oats, funded Bob Kolsky’s grant proposal and seeded the newly formed Ladysmith High School Scholarship Foundation. That original $5000 grant, along with many donations from hundreds of community members, grew the fund to $42,000 by 1986, well on its way towards its initial goal of $100,000 by 1990.

Today, the fund exceeds $500,000 after years of donor contributions and after years of scholarships given out to our graduates. In 2021, the Ladysmith High School Scholarship Foundation affiliated with the Rusk County Community Foundation seeking professional financial management and long term growth of its funds as well as additional endowments. A percentage of earnings and growth is given out each year and the remainder it reinvested making the fund “last forever”. LHSSF will continue to grow seeking donations directly from donors as well as encouraging bequests and new endowments from those who want to make a meaningful difference in our students’ lives.

Since this is an Agency Endowment Fund, donations must be made through the School District of Ladysmith. If you are considering your own endowment fund, Rusk County Community Foundation can assist you in accomplishing your charitable wishes now and long into the future.